Halloween teaches us valuable financial lessons like budgeting candy, but it’s not all gum drops and lollipops. A retailmenot.ca survey found that Canadians spent $1 billion on Halloween in 2015. In fact, the Halloween industry is so large that it can support retailers who are only open for the season.


According to Global News, the average Canadian spends $52 per person on costumes.T he cost of costumes rarely reflects the quality. So why shell out so much money? Save yourself from the frightening cost of a costume by dressing up as an iconic movie or TV character in plain clothes. Don’t let the cost of Halloween costumes scare you away this year.


4 Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas from Your Closet


For men:


Marty McFly from Back to the Future

You will need white sneakers, a jean jacket, blue jeans, a white buttoned shirt, an orange vest and a red t-shirt.

Quote: “Wait a minute, Doc. A… Are you’re telling me you built a time machine… Out of a DeLorean?”


Ace Ventura from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

You will need to style your hair up and back in the iconic Ace Ventura style, a pair of black converse or boots, red striped pants or something similar, a floral pattern shirt, a white tank top and an ID card reading “Ace Venture Pet Detective”.

Quote: “That was close one ladies and gentlemen, of course in every contest, there must be, a loser. Lew-Who, Za-Her.”


For women:


Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family

You will need dark black mascara, a white collared blouse, a black long sleeve shirt, white stockings, a pair of black shoes and your hair in pigtail braids.

Quote: “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour”


Sandy Olsson from Grease

You will need red lipstick, a tight pair of black pants (preferably leather), a black shirt that shows off your shoulders and red high heels.

 Hang a leather jacket over your shoulder and do your hair to match Sandy’s to really sell this costume.

Quote: “Tell me about it, stud.”


Bonus: You can have a lot of fun dressing up as yourself in high school. Find an embarrassing photo of yourself and replicate the look.

A DIY costume will show off your creativity and make you the life of the party. Consider a costume from your closet before spending money at a retailer. The key to a great Halloween costume is making it fun, so memorize some movie quotes, dress up as your favorite character this year and save your money.


Protect Your Loved Ones, Not Your Lender

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Exciting times are ahead as you start the search for your dream home!  You’ll spend the next while analyzing your family’s housing needs, calculating how much real estate you can afford and shopping for the best mortgage rate.  While you’re working on the to-do list, take some time to consider the type of mortgage insurance product that best meets your family’s needs.


To start, the mortgage insurance your lender will try and sell you may not be the ideal solution.  Insurance should be designed to support your loved ones.  However, unless you consider your bank a “loved one,” you might want to consider another option.

An individually-owned term insurance plan, like Manulife’s Family Term, offers you better guarantees and greater choice of coverage options, regardless of your mortgage balance.


Best of all, you can designate your loved ones as beneficiaries under the policy.  This means the insurance benefits go directly to them upon your death, and they decide how best to use the money.


If you already have mortgage insurance in place through your lender, we would be happy to review this with you as well and compare the coverage and costs to Manulife’s Family Term coverage.